Traces Cassette Preorder

Traces with Jed Wilson / Aryeh Kobrinsky / Tony Falco available for preorder!

The album officially comes out June 1. CHECK IT OUT!

Jed Wilson - piano
Aryeh Kobrinsky - bass
Tony Falco - drums

Recorded on May 2, 2015 at Odd Fellows Recording in Weymouth, MA. Recorded by David Sullivan and Jerry MacDonald. Mixed and Mastered by Tony Falco. Cover photography by Jed Wilson.

cassette preorder on bandcamp


Proud to announce SOLO SHMOLO 2017! Really excited about this mini-tour I’m doing end of the month. I’ll be playing a solo set then playing with friends or listening to friends at these places:

Jan 25 Montague, MA - Lady Killigrew
with Nathan Hobbs Tony Falco

Jan 26 Boston - Outpost 186
with Dominique Eade

Jan 27 Montreal - Resonance Café
with Gabriel Lambert Jace Lasek and Liam O’Neill

Jan 29 Ottawa
double bill with Daniel Blake Group

Jan 30 Toronto - The Emmet Ray
double bill with Digital Watch: Dan Fortin Michael Davidson David French

Zimmerman's Contemporary Bow Technique on Steroids

I’m going to expand on this later but here is one of my current warmups in the morning. Focuses on position, intonation, left and right technique and of course varying subdivisions and polyrhythms. The concept on the one below is to take a grouping of four and apply it to a different time signature/subdivision.

warmup page one warmup page two warmup page three


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