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Sun Jan 29 2017


Brooklyn Now!

An evening of some of Brooklyn’s finest jazz musicians will be making an appearance on Jan 29th. Roots2Boot Music and Bar Robo present Aryeh Kobrinsky followed by Dan Blake Trio.

Bar Robo
692 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 6P4
(613) 233-7626

Aryeh Kobrinsky - Solo Bass 7pm

Dan Blake Trio at 8:30pm
ft: Dan Blake (saxophone)
Dmitry Ishenko (bass)
Evan Tighe (drums)

Aryeh Kobrinsky:
Double bassist Aryeh Kobrinsky presents a solo set of improvised, folk and jazz. The set is an exploration of the new sounds, timbres and harmonic possibilities that have developed out converting to tuning in 5ths on the instrument. Aryeh is a member of Hush Point featuring John McNeil and has performed with many jazz legends such as Matt Wilson, Tyshawn Sorey, Hal Crook, Andrew D’Angelo, Matt Wilson, Bob Moses and Dominique Eade. www.aryehkobrinsky.com

Dan Blake Trio
From the beginning of his musical studies, Blake has made it his aim to work as a leader in the jazz tradition, but on his own terms. His interest in music from all over the world and his work with a diverse group of leaders, including Esperanza Spalding, Julian Lage and Anthony Braxton, has produced a musician and listener of depth. On his new recording The Digging (Sunnyside Records), saxophonist/composer Dan Blake looks at his music from a new angle, accepting the test of leading and composing for a chordless sax trio, thus stripping away harmonic layers that he has leaned on in earlier projects. He will be joined by Dmitry Ishenko (bass) and Evan Tighe (drums)

“For saxophonist Dan Blake, jazz is not defined by a canon requiring respectful tending. He regards the century-old tradition as a welcoming playground best approached with a sense of wonder and adventure.” - The Boston Globe “Over the course of [The Digging], Blake and his band succeed in stretching in many different musical directions and present a creative essay on what can be done in the trio format.” - Ottawa Citizen



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